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Screen broken (not cracked)Support

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  1. secretmachines

    secretmachines Well-Known Member

    any ideas people?
    phone has been fine, then it froze will web browsing - i restarted it, and now all i get when booting up is a 'snow screen' (like the fuzzy snow you get on old TVs which aren't tuned in).

    i've tried a different battery and removed the SD card, no change.

    can i hard reboot or anything, or is it dead? :(

  2. Sandeep1PN

    Sandeep1PN Member

  3. secretmachines

    secretmachines Well-Known Member

    i don't mind so much as all my images, etc. are backed up and contacts, calendar, apps are all saved on Google.

    do you think a factory reset will work, or is it likely to be a hardware issue?

    edit - gave it a go but there's obviously an issue with the graphics display, as i can't get the reset menu up, just a black screen. off to the shop i go!

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