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  1. paul33kane

    paul33kane New Member

    I live in ontario canada and for the life of me i cannot find a local retailer that can sell me a screen protector for my xperia pro they have other xperia models such as arc,play, and others but everyone says to buy online which i did find but i dont want to buy online. I dont want to buy a universal one that will wear out in a couple of weeks i want the high quality ones does anyone know where or if there is another option that i am unaware of thanks.

  2. paul33kane

    paul33kane New Member

    wow cant believe no one is repling have almost 100 views and no replys wow..
  3. Nodnerb

    Nodnerb Member

    Are you sure there isn't one already on it? I think they all come with one installed. I didn't even think I had one because it is so well centered and flawless you couldn't even tell it was there, but it is.
  4. RajDG

    RajDG New Member

    Yup I think he is correct i saw it. When you think of it, would glass scratch as easily as the screen protector did? I dont think so...I wonder if SE confirmed that?
  5. frg

    frg Member

    Why can't SE tell about this factory-installed in the "my first hour" instructions? As far as I've understood, pre-installed protectors are not the norm (I mean generally, the SE Xperia line being an exception)? It's even more confusing when some retail boxes include an extra screen protector. When you see one, you sort of just assume it's supposed to be installed... so I guess there must be people with double-protection serving no purpose really.

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