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Screen Shot Red Hue ProblemSupport

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  1. Emgo

    Emgo Active Member

    My Commando is rooted and I've tried a couple of free screen shot apps. Both added a red hue to the saved picture. The one I'm using now is AndroSS from the market. Is there a setting I can change, or is this a common characteristic of free screen shot apps?

    Another question and maybe I should start a separate thread, but I'll start here. When I use the screen shot app or any drawing app I have to unmount and mount the SD card before I can view the saved pictures in the Gallery or any other picture viewer that I have tried. Is there an easier way to do this or is it just a necessary step?


  2. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    maybe try viewing the files using an explorer app. the galley doesn't always refresh.

    there's root explorer, and I use ES File explorer.
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  3. Emgo

    Emgo Active Member

    Thanks for your reply, I'll try an explorer app.

    Let me ask the question about the screen shot app a diiferent way.
    Which screen shots apps are working correctly for the Commando?

  4. jova33

    jova33 Well-Known Member

    i use screenshot... it's free on the market and does require root. my mom has a non-rooted device and uses the pay no root screen shot app.

    edit: go Eli!!

    how many rings does the Manning family have?
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  5. SkipShowers

    SkipShowers Active Member

    Who cares?

    Sorry, from Boston! lol

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