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  1. Fuzzywarmth

    Fuzzywarmth New Member

    Ok, I am basically new to the tablet world, this is only my second attempt at one. Having the ability to take screenshots was a given, I thought, but apparently I am wrong. The previous (cheap) tablet I had, had a screenshot button in it's soft menu and I find I miss it. So, I signed up here hoping someone could advice me how to screen capture WITHOUT (keyword!) being tethered to a computer, as I do not have one to use. Nor lug around every time I want to screen capture something on a whim. I DO find it funny that under Settings>Display>More Settings it has the option to edit a screen capture, but no way to ACTUALLY screen capture. Unless I missed the obvious. And then I will feel (slightly) silly. And, I will point out, Power +Volume Down does NOT do it ...

    Ok thanks for reading, and offering any assistance. I look forward to the sage advice that follows!

    Good evening :)

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member


    There are also apps that will let you do screenshots on unrooted devices by such thngs as shaking the phone.
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  3. Fuzzywarmth

    Fuzzywarmth New Member

    So honestly, I DID try Power plus Home as I had found that option when googling, I will say, it works, but it takes about 40 tries (give or take) lol ... I suppose I wasn't doing it right the first go around .. thank you Rukbat :)

    So, yup, slightly silly here.

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  4. relic1138

    relic1138 Well-Known Member

    If this was a Nexus 10 or any other unmolested Jelly Bean distribution, simple pushing the home and volume down button would create a screen shot. Samsung believes their customers never needed any feature outside of HoneyComb hence the mess that is TouchWiz.

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