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SD Card Doesn't Mount AutomaticallySupport

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  1. kjschaaf

    kjschaaf Member

    My SD card no longer mounts automatically when I power on or restart my phone. Short of a system reboot, any suggestions?

  2. neil154

    neil154 Well-Known Member

    My only suggestion is to take the SD card out and reinsert it so that it eliminates any problem with poor seating. If that does not work then I would try a different SD card to see if it is the card or the phone.
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  3. kjschaaf

    kjschaaf Member

    Thanks, I had overlooked the idea of trying a different card. I'll give it a shot & see what happens.
  4. pwalt

    pwalt Well-Known Member

    I've discovered that I'm having the same problem. I factory reset my phone because it was running slow and not multi-tasking well. Turns out I had a low memory issue because everything was being stored locally.

    Unseated the SD card, formatted it. Factory reset the phone, reinserted/mounted the SD card.

    Tried to take a picture ... and it told me that there were issues with the SD card and switching to local memory. Gah!

    I love my phone ... AND upgrade not available until October ... AND I'm broke. We need to figure out how to fix this ... please!?

    Oh ... and not terribly interested in rooting. With my luck I'll brick it.
  5. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    Can you come up with $10 to $20? I would suggest trying a different MicroSD card, a brand name 16GB card is around $10-$12 on Newegg, and you can get a cheap 32GB card for $20, both prices with shipping. If you have factory reset and formatted the card in FAT32 (not FAT or exFAT) and it is still giving you problems there are only two possibilities, bad MicroSD card or bad phone hardware, and testing for a bad microSD card is way easier and cheaper than replacing the phone.

    Rooting, or other software, is likely not the problem or a fix here... the stock ROM should have no issues using the microSD card.
  6. manbat

    manbat Member

    This has happened to me a few times. Because of this, I back up my SD card to my computer regularly. Since I have had my Rezound ... I have had to reformat the SD card (Fat 32) several times to get everything working correctly again. I am using a 64GB San Disk....Which is not "Officially Supported". But after the re-format and coping the saved data back to the freshly re-formatted SD card....Everything works fine again. It's a pain sometimes, but it is an easy fix if you regularly backup your SD Card. Good luck.
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  7. pwalt

    pwalt Well-Known Member

    I've never experienced an SD card "going bad". The one I'm using is the first I've had in my phone, which I got November 2011.

    Verizon is currently has "Open enrollment" in their $7/mo equipment coverage. I was told that for physical damage there's a deductible, but no deductible for hardware. I was also told that I didn't need to keep the coverage for any specified time. By it, use it, cancel it. Yes, a replacement would be refurb.

    I may just go this route.
  8. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    I have definitely seen SD cards go bad, it isn't a common thing but where I work we support dozens of smartphones and a fair amount of other devices that use SD card technology (cameras, tablets, and telephone systems) and I have certainly seen more than one SD card go bad. For the cost it is a fairly cheap test to see.

    I was unaware the open enrollment in TEC was going on now, I thought it was usually in the March time-frame but whatever... it is a good deal, I wouldn't own a smart phone without it and I have used it more than once.
  9. pwalt

    pwalt Well-Known Member

    Well ... I got my brand new refurbished warranty unit this week. Three days after having it I noticed that the SD card isn't automatically remounting again.


    I have not tried a new SD card yet. It works perfectly once it's mounted. I guess I'll try that route now. (I at least have to wait until my original handset is received by Verizon before asking for another!)

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