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  1. alec95huskell

    alec95huskell Member

    my sd card has been working perfectly for a while, until a few days ago when i went to download the MyNBA2K app from google play. while the app was installing my screen just randomly went black and my phone restarted itself. none of my songs, photos, videos, apps or anything got deleted but now all of a sudden i cant save anything onto my sd card anymore and i also cant download anything onto my phone anymore. is there anyway i can fix this? or do i have to buy a new sd card? can someone help me please?

  2. mugen

    mugen Member

    same thing happened to me had to reformat my sd card lost everything.
  3. alec95huskell

    alec95huskell Member

    that sucks but does it work after you reformat it?

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