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  1. RhythmDave

    RhythmDave Active Member

    Just curious before i send my card back. Ultra rooted w/Go Launcher EX, Juice Defenderf Ultimate, ROM Toolbox from JRummy, Utimate backup Pro from JRummy. Card has to be unmounted/remounted to work temporarily. Directories show up fine in file manager. Pics taken from any camera app show up right after taking but within a few minutes show broken link. phonee thinks they're there but no data forf pics. Same w/music files made available offline w/google music. Downloaded two pics from MMS message and they both still show in download folder fine. It's a 32g card I got off ebay. Used an SD card tool app to check and it says ok. Does this sound like a bad card or a possibiity of the combination of apps running. anything I try do do offline, like make maps available offline in apps,etc. the data gets lost. but if I put it there myself it stays....

  2. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    did you format the card?

    go into cwm
    Mounts and Storage
    format /sdcard
    yes --- format /sdcard <---- im geussing here (i dont want to go any ferther)

    hopfully that helps:)
  3. RhythmDave

    RhythmDave Active Member

    Yes, actually I recovered back to stock, reformatted card, reinstalled all my apps and still get same thing. It's sorta weird. Card always shows it's there. Go to any file manager, all native files are there. Reboot phone, media scanner scans card. Put a file on it myself, it's there. But when some software tries to put a file there, GONE. Did a backup from CWM, gone. Take pics from several camera apps, GONE. Download music from market and make it offline, GONE. The file name is still there, but the link is broken and no data...???. It's only when an app tries to save something to the card. Also, moved several apps to SD that were able to be moved, app starts acting weird. Tried to download some offline maps for a GPS app, download complete, re-opened app, no maps available...???. It's like as long as the app is open, I can see the stuff, pics, music, etc. Once I close the app and go back...GONE. I dunno...hehe.
  4. smith058

    smith058 Well-Known Member

    replace it if you can

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