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  1. SuPeRGL

    SuPeRGL New Member

    please help me.. I've rooted my WFS recently.

    1. I wanna upgrade the external memory to 8 GB, so... what will be the best Class I should choose?
    I guess MicroSD Class 10 SDHC (Sandisk) will be just fine, isn't it?
    Is it compatible?

    2. Since, I've a rooted device.. I've another partition on my current MicroSD card which stores data (the LINK2SD thing)
    So I wanna know, can I just backup that SECOND Partition and transfer it to my newer MicroSD card?
    and HOW?

    3. I'm currently on Stock ROM.
    Can I still get FOTA from HTC or not?
    If yes then no problem, if NO then how can I update SAFELY without Bricking my phone (as it is already rooted)
    Running 2.26.720.3
    Android 2.3.5

    hope.. someone's gonna answer..

  2. Caro332

    Caro332 Well-Known Member

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  3. SuPeRGL

    SuPeRGL New Member

    Okay, Thanks a lot :)

    1. So, upgrading will be RISKY, I guess?
    I'm upgrading just because of speed.
    Currently I'm on a class II (not sure) MicroSD.
    and I've around 20 Apps LINKED so SD.
    so, it takes more time when restarting.
    So I think upgrading to a higher CLASS will decrease this thing a little bit.

    3. I personally don't like Custom ROMs :)
    so, I'm still with my Original ROM.
  4. Caro332

    Caro332 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I guess it could be risky, but I would say it's a low risk. I bought sandisk 8GB (Don't know which class) and it worked perfectly. Some have bought the same and had a problem:confused:. I would say the number of people having this problem is quite small
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  5. SuPeRGL

    SuPeRGL New Member

    then I must go for it :)
    Class 10 SDHC Sandisk 8 GB..
    Thanks a lot, Caro332

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