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  1. drewdawg

    drewdawg Member

    Since the aria only comes with 2gb of space im buying a 16gb sd card. Will my apps and pictures be gone when I put the new sd card in? If so, is there a way I can copy the apps? Plz help!

  2. Magani

    Magani New Member

    Hi drewdawg,

    Yes, your apps, photos, MP3s,etc that are on the 2GB card will stay on the card when it's removed (IE: You won't have access to them).

    What I did when I upgraded my Desire's SD card was:-

    1 Mount the card as an external drive on my PC
    2 Copy everything to a new directory on the PC, keeping the original folders
    3 Install new/bigger SDcard
    4 Mount the new card and copy everything back from the PC

    Hope that helps.


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