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Search a application for loading of prepaid cards

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  1. Chalisa69

    Chalisa69 New Member


    I just want to ask: I search a applikation for iOS or Android device where I can load of my prepaid balance?!

    I just need this applikation for my kids and I don't want to go anymore every day to the supermarket and buy new credits for my mobil phone.

    I hope anybody can help me...

    Thanks a lot!

    kind regards


    edit: maybe a german applikation or for the german room?

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Hello and ni hao Chalisa welcome to Android Forums.

    It might be possible to have an app that loads pre-paid vouchers, but I think it would have to be done by the carrier concerned. Because something like this is specific to each carrier, they all have different methods.

    The usual method to add credit is by calling a number, or sending an SMS, following the instructions on the voucher.

    Maybe the voucher could have a bar-code that's read by the app and the credit added automatically, saves you having to key a long string of numbers. But this would have to be something that's done by the carrier themselves.

    The other way that's frequently used with pre-paid, is to register your credit/debit card, saves going to the supermarket for top-up vouchers.

    Might be best to contact your carrier, see what other payment methods they can offer, besides buying vouchers.
  3. Chalisa69

    Chalisa69 New Member

    Sorry for my late answer.

    Now I fund a applikation for my prepaid credit. This name is "prelado". But I think it's only for the german room :-(

    And... Happy new year ;-)

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