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  1. nick96ss

    nick96ss Member

    just wondering if there is an app out there to view my home security camera's from my phone . someone was telling me that internet explorer was the only way (windows based phones), thought that didn't seem right . thanks

  2. muab

    muab Well-Known Member

    This exact question was asked in this same forum I think day before yesterday.

    There are at least 3 Apps specifically made to look at security cameras. I have tested one that worked quite well.

    Here is a free one but there are others.

    Tiny DVR - IP cameras viewer - Android app on AppBrain

    A couple of the camera manufacturers have Android support from their web sites but do not have their App in the market for whatever reason too.
  3. nick96ss

    nick96ss Member

    thank you
  4. danarchy

    danarchy Well-Known Member

    That last post sounds like spam :/

    Anyways, the reason you heard about the Internet Explorer requirement is because many CCTV cameras/DVRs rely on an ActiveX component for playback/control. Some systems support non IE browsers, but it usually means less functionality.

    Check out Total Control's Android Video Camera software, which supports many popular platforms.
  5. Dmtalon

    Dmtalon Well-Known Member

    The only one I've found that works for my H.264 DVR system is "IP Camera viewer" (there's a lite and pay version).
  6. pwabbit

    pwabbit Well-Known Member

    I use Total Control for my business. It works very well for me. I am not affiliated with them in any way, other than being a customer.

    Total Control - Home
  7. UnSmartphone

    UnSmartphone Well-Known Member

    i have cameras inside and out at my house.... when i leave the house i switch the inside cameras on... at that point if there is any motion in my house i receive an immediate sms then within 5 seconds i get a Picture of the motion... I have a homescreen shortcut to my cameras on my android, so it only takes seconds to watch... I use BlueIris software on my home pc with multiple IPcams and Webcams connected... It doesnt need an app to be viewed, just put in your ip address and port you opened, then id and password and WaaaLaaa :) all your cams at once or one at a time.

    plus on the inside cams, they post a picture to a external ftp server at my friends every second while there is motion going on.. just incase they steal the computer :)
  8. danarchy

    danarchy Well-Known Member

  9. whiteserena

    whiteserena New Member

    If you are wondering to have your home security cameras application in your phone then you should buy a camera that supports All Java and Windows Mobile based Phones. Security camera with these applications are 16 channel DVR security cameras and wireless IP cameras. These can be best found at
  10. Villiam

    Villiam New Member

    BiiSafe is easy and low cost solution to setup surveillance system for home, garage, shop, cabin, cottage etc.

    Just place mobile device (phone/tablet/player) with BiiSafe App to room and that is all you need. BiiSafe App is available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and for Android (2012).

    Device is able to take pictures/videos, give alarm of power shortage and locate with GPS. App is also listening with microphone and detects alarm sounds (e.g. fire detectors) . You can command it from other devices to take pictures, videos and to set monitoring on/off. You get alarms to all your devices with tone (even if BiiSafe App is not active). App works via cellular and WiFi-connections by your choice.

    Setting up is easy: just give any email and password to create account. When you add devices just give same email and password. No need for IP-addresses or port settings like in other solutions. BiiSafe have multiple service levels including Free BiiSafe account.
  11. MasterT

    MasterT New Member

    Personally I am not a big fan of overfilling my droid with extra apps. So what works best for me is network camera video surveillance on my PC with Xeoma software at its core - which I can monitor at any time from my galaxy via web browsers (and no, LUCKILY IE is not the only option, brrrr!)
  12. CountryDude

    CountryDude New Member

    I downloaded the IP Cam Viewer Lite and I could not make it work. It seemed it was trying to identify the camera and then just checked out. The camera is made by Eye Sight - and since the app has no way for me to input the camera make one is reliant on the app to do its thing and if it works it does and if not you don't know what to do. There was a process given by the supplier of the camera using the internet, inputting the http address with port and then somehow using "video player" to see - but I have not been able to make it work with this approach. I to am looking for help here. thank

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