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  1. CoyotesFan4Evr

    CoyotesFan4Evr Well-Known Member

    Yes, yes I know there are lots of threads on signal issues with the Bionic BUT this is different. So here is the run down with as much detail as I can give and in as few of words as I can do it in.

    I have been having this issue with my Bionic for a long time. I will have my Bionic near me laying on the couch or something and the screen will light up, I will look at it and it will say no service. The screen will shut off and in a few minutes the screen will light back up and I'll have service again. That is only one of the ways that it will do that. Another way is I'll get or make a phone call and when I hang up it will do the same thing no service and later it will come back. Now I live in a great service area and this doesn't just happen at home it happens everywhere.

    This is my second Bionic, my old one did this too. I am on ICS, I am rooted. I don't have anything weird on my phone in the way of apps. I don't have any ROMS either. I have done an FDR 2 times in the past. On top of that I have gone thru troubleshooting with Verizon and nothing has changed. I asked for a different phone and they wanted to give me way lesser models. They put me thru to Motorola and they wouldn't help unless I sent the phone in for repair but I know that they wouldn't have found anything wrong with it to their standards.

    Verizon sent me a Razr M and I have played with it over the weekend but have decided that even though it's a nice phone and super sleek, fast, and smooth that it's just not the phone for me because it's to small, to light, and I'd much rather have to Razr or Maxx. If I have to stick it out until September when I can use another line's upgrade to get the S3 then I will. I'm going to try and convince Verizon to give me the Maxx or Razr. I was offered the LG Intuition which I think is a pretty cool phone/tablet. If there is a known fix out there for my problem then please let me know. If not I'll fight with Verizon about it.

  2. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    If the Razr M did not have the same problem, it definitely sounds like a handset issue.

    Just a warning that a friend of mine upgraded to the LG Spectrum 2 and had all sorts of trouble with WiFi - it would not reconnect to any of his access points when he returned to range. He ended up trading the phone back in after a couple of days. Apparently it's a common problem with the Spectrum 2. I'm not sure if the Intuition has the same problem or not, but you may be trading one problem for another.

    (Actually, I just Googled and found one review that mentions the same problem with the Intuition, as well as some other issues: Verizon Wireless LG Intuition Review - GadgetNerdly - see the Signal, Call Quality and Data section.)
  3. CoyotesFan4Evr

    CoyotesFan4Evr Well-Known Member

    I appreciate the help on the Intuition and all. I'm on the phone with Verizon right now trying to get the Razr instead of the Intuition. I actually got my mm the Spectrum 2 and she loves it to death. Granted she is a first time smart phone user and owner so I doubt she will have any issues because she won't know how to use the phone to it's fulliest ability.
  4. SirEagle

    SirEagle Well-Known Member

    Were you using an extended battery? I had the same issue and that looks like what caused it. Even tried a new extended and had the same issue.
  5. CoyotesFan4Evr

    CoyotesFan4Evr Well-Known Member

    No I wasn't using an extended battery. I am about to send the phone back as I got upgraded to the Razr MAXX for free after having the M for 2 days and realizing that it's to small for my hands. So after getting the Maxx....I find out that everything accessory wise for it isn't available thru Verizon anymore. Everything is the Maxx HD now. And everything for it is different from the HD.

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