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  1. jarves

    jarves Well-Known Member


    How do I unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505? Mine is an international version. Android 4.3 XXUEMKE baseband version.

    I tried the suggestion based on google result which you would do the *#0011# but all it does is it goes to the Service Mode but tapping back or key input 1 does not do anything.

    Before the update to 4.3 I was able to go to service mode and follow the instruction for *#0011# but after completing it my phone is still sim unlocked.

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Proper procedure:

    Go to eBay and search for cellphone unlock codes. Buy one for your phone. (Each phone, not each model but each individual phone, has a different unlock code).

    Put the SIM of the carrier that doesn't work into the phone. Turn it on. It'll ask you for the unlock code. Enter it. Your phone sould be unlocked.

    (If unlocking a phone were as easy as putting in the same number for all phones of the same model, no one would bother SIM-locking phones.)

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