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  1. Psychokitty

    Psychokitty Well-Known Member

    Hiya, Folks!

    Long time Droid lover here, and after two years of carefully caring for my baby, I went iPhone (please no hating!). However, I have acquired 3 more Droids because I love them so much (build quality remains unmatched, sadly even by Moto). And to further stave off the I haters, be it known that my Xoom remains my main techno-squeeze!

    I want to give my 10 year old a Droid, minus the Verizon $40/mo data plan. She already has and enjoys the phone for the great apps, but I want it to function as a phone aside of just 911, as well. If she's away somewhere, I want her to be able to call me and not have to be near wifi to do it. She wouldn't be texting or sending photos, as she has all the goody apps on it already. But I have a third "dumb phone" number on my plan for ten bucks a month, and wondered if I could some how separate the data portion of 3G from the "call" part.

    Thanks for any info.

  2. ArmageddonX

    ArmageddonX Well-Known Member

    First off you wont find any hate here =) We embrace a diverse community here between different devices =)

    Secondly if the phone is connected to a service provided I believe they dictate what services are granted to the device. Perhaps call customer service?

    ~ ArmyX
  3. cammykool

    cammykool Well-Known Member

    i think he wants it off verizon
  4. Psychokitty

    Psychokitty Well-Known Member

    I recall from my old V3m hacking days that you could manipulate one of 3 ID numbers that Verizon reads when you enter the IED number on their site to change how they saw the phone once they confirmed it over 3G. In other words, the phone would be recognized as a data-ready V3m when you typed in the number on their website, but once they set up the phone to the account via the air waves, the info they would get back from it would make the picture and model of the phone you set up change on your account.
    It's a lot more complicated than it was a few years back.
    I think in order to be able to do what I want now, I would have to use the other assorted identification numbers associated with the current dumb phone on that account (a V3m my daughter takes on trips) and some how spoof them into the Droid. I would also have to somehow disable data over the 3G on the Droid without disabling the web capability while on wifi.
    All new apps I can add via TiBackup using Dropbox.

    I am NOT attempting to screw Verizon by any means. I wish to CRIPPLE the Droid just enough NOT to be taking undue advantage of Verizon (so I don't get in trouble!). I'm not asking how to get something for nothing.
    For my daughter's purposes, the Droid could be like a phone with a mini laptop attached, one having nothing to do with the other.
  5. vey

    vey Well-Known Member

    Page Plus is what I use. No modification to the phone since Page Plus uses the Verizon system.

    Standard plan costs $10 and is good for 4 months if not used up. Minutes cost 10 cents a minute so $10 = 100 minutes. Or you can buy a year's worth for $80 and then the minutes are 4 cents.

    Text messages are a nickle sent or received. Data is pricey, but can be turned off at Page Plus's end and text can be turned off, too.

    Phone records can be tracked on their website and that is also where the phone can be replenished.
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