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  1. danep

    danep New Member

    Has anyone tried running Skype on the LG Optimus Chic? Can you confirm that it runs well? I worry that on such a low-end phone there might be performance issues. I have absolutely no experience with Android yet but I'm very excited to get into it. Thanks!

  2. apatrahil

    apatrahil New Member

    It works, looks a bit slow at moments, but i think Skype software for android is simply not good enough yet... you can install it without any fears
  3. egX

    egX Member

    I didn't try it in all it's aspects but it worked for me.

    The only major issue was that it was only going through the speaker so I can't make the call like a regular handset.

    A little bit slow but not much of a factor for me!

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