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  1. Sdahe

    Sdahe Well-Known Member

    Hello Guys,

    Excuse me for asking so many questions lately but I'm back to android since long time and I'm getting in track again... I got a Galaxy S4 a few days ago and I'm trying to get all the bloat ware out and optimizing it to run smoother and faster... the only thing bothering my right now is the Samsung keyboard. When I'm sending a SMS to somebody the keyboard feels kind of slow.. can I fix this?... or is the SMS app (the stock app that comes with it)?.... what could it be?...

    Thanks for all the help

  2. DanishDevil

    DanishDevil Active Member

    Have you tried the stock Google Keyboard app to see if it does the same thing? That could narrow down whether it's the keyboard being weird or your phone being slow.
  3. Sdahe

    Sdahe Well-Known Member

    The stock Google Keyboard?... isn't that the one that comes stock with the phone or I have to download it?
  4. josborne6

    josborne6 Well-Known Member

  5. Sdahe

    Sdahe Well-Known Member

    Oh yes... Lot better with the Google Keyboard... Nice.. Thanks

    Very fast

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