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  1. GKNByNW

    GKNByNW Well-Known Member

    I'm running MTDEV ICS on my Triumph and, as much as I love ICS (been running ICS since I got the MT, and also on my old Optimus V) I am really getting frustrated with the lack of camera. I am seriously considering downgrading to MTDEV CM7 until the camera issue gets resolved on CM9. Problem is, I don't want to lose my SMS/MMS messages, as some of them are rather important to me. I have looked around on the Market/Play and found several apps that will backup/restore these messages, but I'm having a hard time deciding which one I should go with.

    Can anyone here make some recommendations for me, as well as back up your recommendation?

  2. thangfish

    thangfish Well-Known Member

    I use App Extractor to restore SMS/mms when I change roms because it pulls them from the Nandroid backup you just made before flashing the new ROM.
    Also can restore call logs, and wifi locations/passwords as well as BT devices.

    The only thing is that it doesn't (yet) support CWM 6 except in beta. CWM 5 and twrp recoveries are fine.
  3. GKNByNW

    GKNByNW Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip! It took me a moment to find it ("AppExtractor" instead of "App Extractor" LOL) but it looks like just the thing I need.
  4. Cebe

    Cebe New Member

    Try VeryAndroid SMS & MMS Backup.
  5. GKNByNW

    GKNByNW Well-Known Member

    I totally forgot that you had told me this. I've been playing around with switching ROMs and have been entirely unsuccessful in getting AppExtractor to work with the backups I've made under CWM 6.x.x.x. Just to see what would happen, I stuck CWM back on my MT and, voila, able to restore my messages with AppExtractor. If only I had remembered this little tidbit ahead of time, I could have saved my stupid ass the hassle LOL

    Actually, for the most part I have been using "SMS Backup & Restore" but, like the name of the app suggests, it only backs up SMS messages. I have yet to find an app other than AppExtractor that will handle MMS messages, the caveat being that your Nandroid has to come from a CWM 5-type recovery.
  6. thIsgUy20

    thIsgUy20 Well-Known Member

    go sms backs up your messages to your sd card. i use it to back up and restore my messages after flashing a new rom

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