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SMS Pic save- CANNOT long click and save

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  1. blondie5221

    blondie5221 Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 8, 2010
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    When I first got my Android Incredible a couple weeks ago, I use to be able to click and long hold on a picture I received via text or email. Now for some reason, that feature seem to be turned off or overridden by something. When I click and long hold now, nothing happens. I only have the basic menu options of "set As" and "Details"

    I went into SMS settings, and one thing I noticed is that in the MMS Settings section, the "Attachment Storage" part is not lit up.. as in I do not have the option to edit/change this setting. Not sure if that matters, but not sure what it looks like usually.

    Please help..no one can figure it out and it is driving me NUTS as i know I use to be able to click and save!


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