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  1. duno

    duno Member

    After looking through fellow One X users' threads, I think this specific issue has not been raised. If it has, please redirect me and I will remove this thread.

    I am using stock Sense 4+ keyboard. Sometimes when I am typing very fast, the keyboard would randomly switched to either the punctuations or Chinese pinyin (my secondary keyboard language). :confused:

    It is as if I have pressed the [EN] or [12#] button, which I am sure I did not (my thumb was not even remotely close to those buttons). I notice this occurs more frequently whenever I use the letters near them, such as [A], , [D].

    I have tried resetting the keyboard calibration. It does not solve the problem.

    Anyone having the same issue?

    Phone details:
    HTC One X (Australia, unlocked, non-rooted)
    Android 4.1.1
    Sense 4+

    [UPDATE: 20-Feb-2013]
    I found out the reason for this problem. Turns out that the Sense 4+ keyboard has a built-in function of sliding. Sliding from left will quickly change to the punctuation page. Sliding from right will change the input language. The phone may have misinterpreted my rapid tapping as a sliding motion, thus making the supposedly random switching. I apologise for the false alarm.

  2. oksyl

    oksyl New Member

    I had this same problem with my One X. At first I thought it was due to fat fingers. And I was correct. I wanted to deny the problem, but it is what it is. I tried to reset the keyboard calibration, with no affect on the problem. So I solved the issue by downloading Thumb Keyboard from the play store. For I think 1.99 or 2.99 I solved my problem. I still have fat fingers, but my phone now has fatter type face. I have been a happy camper since. I hope I have been of some help.
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  3. GuitarG20

    GuitarG20 Clueless Senior Member Contributor

    I cannot attest to the pervasiveness of the issue, as I do not have the sense 4+ and android 4.1 update yet. However, if you are having too many problems with it, you can always download a third party keyboard app from the store, which tend to provide a better experience than the stock app. Personally I recommend swiftkey: (google play) will let you try it for free, but you have many options available to you.
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  4. duno

    duno Member

    Thanks for the recommendations! :)

    I have actually found out the cause for this problem. It appears that the Sense 4+ keyboard has a built-in function of sliding from left to quickly switch to punctuation page, and sliding from right to quickly switch language. Now that I know the reason, I will try to be careful when typing.

    The reason I avoided third-party keyboards is that most of them do not support Chinese input, which I often use. I actually like the Sense keyboard. Swiftkey is one of my favourites too, but as I mentioned it doesn't support Chinese, at least not yet. Until then, I will stick to the stock. ;)

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