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  1. Grove86

    Grove86 Member

    Hi, I just got my first android device (myTouch4G) 3 days ago!! :) I love it since the last "smartphone" i had was some sh**ty samsung windows 6.1 mobile phone. that aside, I've been having some problems with apps constantly showing up on my task killer. I have my mail/messages/clock/alarm clock on all the time and as I just leave my phone alone, I notice apps like pandora, yahoo messenger/email, qik video chat, dock panel, my account constantly turning back I doing something wrong here? any help would be great. Thanks!

  2. The_Source41

    The_Source41 Member

    This is just what I base my view of app killers on and others will have different views and its up to you to decide but read this
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  3. Grove86

    Grove86 Member

    Ah thanks for helping this nub out! :eek: that being said...does that mean having those useless apps i'm not even using(yahoo messenger/email and etc) not a bad thing at all? If I really don't want those to run in the background at all (no matter if it's good/bad for your phone) would the (temporary) rooting to get rid of those app a good option? I just want to see some opinions/advice. thanks in advance
  4. Bradanomics

    Bradanomics Member

    From what I understand, even the temporary rooting doesn't actually get rid of the app. You can "hide" it, but until we get full root, we are kind of stuck with what we got.
  5. dasudevil

    dasudevil Well-Known Member

    I want to add to that...

    You are correct and it also makes sure the application does not load up. So with yahoo and other crap that is always running (dont use) you can use the temp root to stop that from happening. Its helped me.
  6. Grove86

    Grove86 Member

    Thanks for your responses. When you root your phone (not the temporary one in the future), can you still update your phone normally (as in over the network distributed by t-mo and etc.)? Also are there ups and downs from rooting your phone?

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