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    Started looking through the phone to do some themeing as I had done with my OG EVO. At the moment I still am sporting the "Basic Look" I currently have installed MeanRom. However most of this should be applicable for any ROM you are on with this phone.

    1. Replace (res/hdpi) with (res/xhdpi) better graphics card gives us a better look than with the old OG so don't worry about doing the (hdpi) folder go straight to the xhdpi.

    2. Sizes - Obviously most have changed because of the newer Mode that we have. Status Bar stuff used to be 38 for the old EVO now with this one its 50. 12 more lovely pixels to design :D

    3. Looks though everything else is basically the same so far. This is really just day 1 into looking into this. I just couldn't take that tacky voice mail thing anymore and really wanted my own back.

    I am still looking to do my battery indicator and some other "picture tweaks" (ok truth be known its Granite's battery indicator. :D he was the genius that made it.

    Keep this thread fresh with good info and links if you have them. I would like to see and share what we are doing thematically.

    Frog aka argedion


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