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Speeding up your A75Tips

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  1. rahulhnair

    rahulhnair Well-Known Member


    I found a trick to really speed up your device. Worked on mine and my frineds device. Hope it does the trick for you too.

    Go to theme manager>> options (left capacitive button)>> Cancel theme
    Restart device.

    The phone is much faster now!!!!!


    Hope it works for you. Just sharing something I found :)

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  2. kumar abhishek

    kumar abhishek Well-Known Member

    Thanks man it worked
  3. rudrateja

    rudrateja Well-Known Member


    but still it was taking 10 to 15 seconds to open dial pad and Messages.

    Is it possible to overclock processor after rooting.
  4. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    No, only ROOTING won't allow u to overclock.
    U will need a custom kernel for which u need kernel source which MMX won't give.
    So inshort it is impossible to overclock any MMX android phone(even if it is possible :D)
  5. rudrateja

    rudrateja Well-Known Member

    Is their any chinese device looks like micromax a75. ?

    A85 =K-Touch W700
    A60 =zte penguin
  6. kumar abhishek

    kumar abhishek Well-Known Member

    I just had a phone call to mmx service center. They said they are going to release a75 update next week to improve its performance
  7. vkrajuu

    vkrajuu Well-Known Member

    Cancelling the theme. It work like a charm. Thanks for the findings and suggestion.

    Now we need to find a way to root this phone :)
  8. chughgopal

    chughgopal Well-Known Member

    Are u sure about the update??
    Will it improve the cam.
  9. kumar abhishek

    kumar abhishek Well-Known Member

    I just called service center. They said they will release update next week. Its just a performance improving update and we will have to visit service center to get the update
  10. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    **** ya ! visit there service center ??!!
    if any one can plz get the update.zip thy will be copying to ur sd cards !
    they will just cop the zip to ur sd then go to recovery then apply update but then if any how you get the update.zip we MAY be able to root a75(i said may as there must be the boot.img of device in that zip !)
  11. ESSuraj

    ESSuraj Well-Known Member

    Thank you for this wonderful tip.
    Phone is much much faster.
  12. ESSuraj

    ESSuraj Well-Known Member

    This is the response I got from mmx through mail today:

    Dear Valued Customer,

    Thank you for your Email, we would like to inform you that there is no software upgrade for the handset.

    For any further Assistance and Query you can contact us on the Customer Support & number given below:


    You can also log onto our website for information Micromax Mobile Phones India | Latest Mobile Phones | Compare Mobile Phones

    Thanks & Regards,

  13. kumar abhishek

    kumar abhishek Well-Known Member

    This is not an upgrade this is a small update and I just asked today that said they may release it tomorrow
  14. ajitkhtri

    ajitkhtri Member

    Cancelling theme improved the speed a lot
  15. ESSuraj

    ESSuraj Well-Known Member

    Good..please keep posted any developments..
  16. kumar abhishek

    kumar abhishek Well-Known Member

    I am in service centre presently. There is an update of a75 they are downloading it. Lets see what new comes out of it.
  17. rudrateja

    rudrateja Well-Known Member

    ohh good news :)

    what is the status?
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  18. sajipv

    sajipv Member

    Could you please update the status of update?
  19. rudrateja

    rudrateja Well-Known Member

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  20. sajipv

    sajipv Member

  21. android155

    android155 Well-Known Member

    thanks....it works !
  22. YogeshMundra

    YogeshMundra New Member

    How to reach Theme Manager in A75 ?

  23. androidn3wbi3

    androidn3wbi3 Well-Known Member

    Do u bought new mmx a75 form market ? And if it works slow.. Here is the way..Root Your micromax A75Go to threads and read all those if u are micro max user here is A Unique ROM for A 75UB-A75-1:rolleyes:
  24. engineer09

    engineer09 Member

    tnx bro its also work for my A78
  25. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

    You will loose nothing trying it provided A78 also has Theme Manager from mmx.

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