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Split view not in Galaxy S3?Support

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  1. kirby1220

    kirby1220 Member

    So I noticed that when i rotate my galaxy s3 to landscape mode while in messages app(stock one) that it just makes the message boxes bigger while my friend's galaxy s2 has this feature called split view which toggles message threads to the left and the currently selected message thread to the right, effectively "splitting" the screen. In his(galaxy s2) settings for messages theres a split view option while in mine there isn't. So my question is if there is a split view option in galaxy s3?

  2. streetkilln

    streetkilln Well-Known Member

    yea it probably aint featured on gs3, idk y.
  3. kirby1220

    kirby1220 Member

    Yea I think it would be such a useful function. I wonder if theres any way to put it onto the S3.

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