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  2. Citizen Coyote

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    It won't, not for a long while. Sprint will continue to support WiMax through 2013, which means everyone who bought a Photon this year will be able to use its 4G connection until they can upgrade. After that, who knows... Sprint has the option of continuing their relationship with Clearwire.
  3. dguy

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    Shouldn't be much of a surprise. Sprint has made it pretty clear from day one of their Wimax launch that it was never going to be anything more than an interim solution to hold people over(because it was going to take them longer to get LTE than every other carrier) until they can get an LTE network up and running.
  4. I don't blame Sprint for that. Clear has not lived up to their promises in regards to network expansion. I don't know the exact numbers but they have not been able to stay anywhere close to what was expected 2-3 years ago.

    Also, for what it's worth. Sprint will be taking their independent IDEN (Nextell / Push-to-Talk) network down by 2013. That's why there has been so few devices released for Nextel recently.

    Some towers in remote areas will stay up for service purposes where there are no Sprint towers. They expect to have new model devices that run on both CDMA and IDEN networks and can 'hop' back and forth to get the best possible service. From what I know, they will be coming out with LTE for sure (dunno when).

    They are working getting PTT running on their CDMA network. I read there is hope of a downloadable PTT app for Android that is under development...? (unconfirmed)

    Big changes for Sprint. Hope they're on the right path.
  5. floorguy

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    Cuz clearwire sucks azz....

    i got it hoping for a "cheaper" ISP over cable (comcast).... supposedly in the "zone" just over a mile away as the crow flies....

    And i mean it is BAD....

    at least it works for my mom, she couldnt get DSL and they had "issues" with comcast....and there are to many trees around for DIGIS....

    soon as that ETF is passed......itll be SEE YA!!!!!!!!!!
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    So true, they can't call that servie high speed. You could get an old 56K modem put a Clear logo on it and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference
  7. ORD84

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    I use tickl for ptt it works pretty well for free

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