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[Sprint] [ROM][4.1.2][UNOFFICIAL]Rasbean Jelly by Rascarlo

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  1. frenchy714

    frenchy714 Well-Known Member

    Not my work. I take NO credit for the following:

    Anyone who's been in Trinity kernels' main thread at XDA has at one point or another heard of Rasbean Jelly, and how there's no other ROM like it. Rascarlo (the Dev) has Maguro I believe and has never developed for Toroplus, so up until now, we've never had the chance to see what all the fuss was about ;)! Uber was kind enough to port this ROM over for our device, and I believe this will be/is a great addition to our options! This ROM is original, meaning all the coding is Rascarlo's, and is bare bones; so if that's what you're into, let the flashing begin!



    Based on android 4.1.2
    Features Include:
    Navbar mod (Cm based)
    Status Bar Tweaks (Cm based)
    Lockscreen Shortcuts (Cm based)
    Power Widgets/Notification Toggles (Cm based)
    Expandable Volume
    Kill-App with Back Button (loacated in Developer Options)

    Check out the XDA thread here.

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  2. slyd

    slyd Well-Known Member

    Anyone know what expandable volume is.
  3. NaterTots

    NaterTots Well-Known Member

    Slyd, I could be way off here but I think it gives you the ability to separate the ringer and notification volumes.

    Looks like an interesting rom.

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  4. frenchy714

    frenchy714 Well-Known Member

  5. slyd

    slyd Well-Known Member

    My biggest complaint with my phone is the volume. I can't hear it ring. I can't hear the text and email notifications. I can't hear the speaker in the car. I can't hear my voicemails. I'm old but this is ridiculous.
  6. MizzouBrent

    MizzouBrent Well-Known Member

    Hmm. It's definitely quieter than my og evo. I think certain ringtones are just easier to hear than others.
  7. frenchy714

    frenchy714 Well-Known Member

    My notifications/ringer is ridiculously loud! I have to keep my volume set to about 30-40% because of how loud it is. I'm not using a third party app like volume+ or anything either. I'm running CNA w/ Lean btw. Have you tried boosting the volume using an app or adjusting kernel settings?
  8. slyd

    slyd Well-Known Member

    I tried volume +. Didn't help. I didn't know if could tweak the kernel. Do I do that thru the lean tweaks app?
  9. frenchy714

    frenchy714 Well-Known Member

    I'm sure you can do it with leantweaks or terminal. Probably easiest using Trickster Mod or Franco's app.
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