[Sprint] Sprint Samsung GS4 Unlcoked.. can I system update?

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  1. totch

    totch New Member

    Will it cause any trouble? I unlocked my Samsung GS4 from sprint to use overseas...and upon trying the WiFi...a system update was Downloaded.

    Should I install it?

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  2. thealmost

    thealmost Member

    Ya you can I've installed multiple ROMs so far switched 2 different mvnos one T-Mobile one att so far so good.. Aosp the way to go
  3. HaTrEd360

    HaTrEd360 Well-Known Member

    He isn't talking about roms.

    He's talking about the system update.
  4. HaTrEd360

    HaTrEd360 Well-Known Member

    It will give you the knox bootloader and and knox security. If you ever planned on rooting or having a custom rom, then give up, because after you install the update you won't be able too.

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