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stock ICS email not showing linksSupport

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  1. Fine69

    Fine69 Well-Known Member

    Ok my stock email that comes with ICS.. Isn't showing links.. The link is there but not highlighted. Is there something I need to turn on for links?

  2. Fine69

    Fine69 Well-Known Member

    so anyone know why. it was really nice to click a link that went to your browser.
  3. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    What device model are you talking about? This way it would be a little easier to figure out the problem.
  4. Fine69

    Fine69 Well-Known Member

    Amaze 4g TMO
  5. Fine69

    Fine69 Well-Known Member

    heres the deal there are no email links or weblinks in the email. They read as just text nothing to click. I have been through all the folders and settings and applications thinking maybe its a security setting but cannot find one. Some of the older emails it went out the server to get those most of them work any new mail since the ROM update no links work. This is the factory ICS email program. I heard it is pretty good program. So any ideas how to fix this?
  6. ChromeJob

    ChromeJob Well-Known Member

    That function was removed due to our friends, the Legal teams at Apple. ;)
  7. dasudevil

    dasudevil Well-Known Member

    This is correct. Let me see if I can find the reference to this. Brb

    Bam I love search functions.


    This basically tells something when you hit a link that it opens a pop up that asks you if which program you want to open it with. Now since the ics update all HTC phones no longer have this option and opens the link via how its like on a desktop.

    Hope this helped.
  8. ron99

    ron99 New Member

    So that means we can no longer receive active links in emails? Are there 3rd party apps that allow it?
  9. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    Enhanced Email, K9, Maildroid, etc. etc.

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