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Stock music player can't recognize all music filesSupport

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  1. stranger812

    stranger812 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jul 25, 2010
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    Hi guys,

    I'm a happy user for SGS for a few days until the stock music player disappointed me. I have around 390+ music files in my library but the stock music player can only show me around 213 files. If I use an app like astro player then I can play all of my 390 files (that's mean the file is there and playable).

    Any solution how to make the stock music player see all of my files? or any other good music app recommended? have to say astro player doesn't sound that great. Thank you :)

  2. Goreygirl

    Goreygirl Well-Known Member

    Dec 20, 2010
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    I'm having the same problem on my DHD.... I use Poweramp which recognises most formats but my stock player says "no music files"; it seems to only recognise MP3 :( This means that my Cover Art Downloader also doesn't work etc. as it works off the stock player. I am now starting the process of converting all my audio files to MP3 via WinFF ....going to be a long day .

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