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  1. dobermaxx

    dobermaxx Active Member

    I've been experiencing a strange problem with my phone. Every so often it hangs while it's in sleep mode and I have to do a battery pull to restart the phone. The phone is actually still active since I can call it and I can hear it ringing from the caller side but the phone does not react at all (no ring, no lcd activation, nothing). After I restart I notice that the battery level dropped tremendously, sometimes 20-30%.

    I am using appys {ROM}{3/10/2012}2.3.4 A85 v2023 lite (great mod by the way)

    I'm thinking it might be a battery problem so I ordered a spare but i'm curious to see if anyone else has experienced this issue.

  2. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    hmmmmm ... actually the problem is not faced by me
  3. vibhakarl

    vibhakarl Member

    I face this problem .. however this I am still using MMX 2.2 Rom.
    and yes Battery suck big time 20-30% reduced.
    Need some good rom for this monster Phone... guz which games you ahve tried???
    I tried Shadowgun = Awsome
  4. aquaandro

    aquaandro Well-Known Member

    I am using Igyaan's 2.3 stable rom... no issues at all...
    Games/Apps so far...
    Avataar HD
    Frontline Commando (Awesome graphics)
    GTA III - simply superb
    Where's my water - my fav
    Real Cars - Complete HD game
    Assasins Creed - Nice
    And most of the Gameloft games, which initially didnt work on 2.2 and now are working on 2.3
    Finally I can now say PAISA WASOOL phone...
    The best part is that the battery backup is for 2 long days after with full time GPRS on....
  5. dobermaxx

    dobermaxx Active Member

    I got a second battery today, hopefully this new one will be better.
  6. shivakiran

    shivakiran Well-Known Member

    Hey Dude How Did U Get It ?? And I Too Placed An Order For New 1 Via MMX Service Centre Bt No Reply Till Now
  7. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Ordered from service centre ??
    I think, u get it from Market ...
  8. dobermaxx

    dobermaxx Active Member

    New battery, same old problem. I'm in the Philippines guys, I ordered the battery from china. It cost me $12 and came with a universal smart charger with USB out.
  9. shivakiran

    shivakiran Well-Known Member

    Sry Dude MMX Spare Parts Arent Available Every Where Especially A85 and I Had A Prob Wid My Fne So Went To Service Centre To Rectify The Problem And They Rectified The Prob and I Asked Abt The Xtra Battery and They Ordered From The Company and Told Me It Takes 30-40 Days Bt In Vain
  10. fenilsuthar

    fenilsuthar New Member

    HI guys,
    I have some magor issues.
    My phone has android 2.3 Igyaan rom..
    Sometimes i can't recieve calls and i have to restart phone to solve it. and after i cant cut the call until i restart..
    and another issue is my phone is heating and hanup then i removed battery and wait for 5-10 sec then it stars proper..
    any sollution ??
    and battery works 5-7 HRS only..

    if any sollution or any body knows whats problem then reply me my email address :
  11. riks4039

    riks4039 Well-Known Member

    i use my wifes samsung waves battery in my a85 phone and it works fine without any problem,
  12. dobermaxx

    dobermaxx Active Member

    It turned out I had a defective unit so it was replaced by Cherry Mobile. It works fine now

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