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  1. chriszaldivar

    chriszaldivar New Member

    hi my wife phone is rooted and i have no clue what she did not when it turns on it is astuck witht he fastboot logo on the top left side?? any help

  2. death6543

    death6543 Member

    my phone did the same thing took me hours to figure it out hope this helps.
  3. death6543

    death6543 Member

  4. death6543

    death6543 Member

    make Sher you cd on cmd to the file with the fastboot.exe in it. and that you plug your phone into the computer with a usb when you do it
  5. lilrob1213

    lilrob1213 Well-Known Member

    Does this work with windows only?
  6. death6543

    death6543 Member

  7. funkymunkey63

    funkymunkey63 New Member

    Im stuck on the reboot thing too it says Kyocera then text in the left hand corner... I dont really understand the how to fix it can someone elaborate please?

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