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[T-Mobile] Animated GIFS with stock messaging app?

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  1. I'm rooted and running Liquid Smooth 4.2.2 ROM. So I'm talking about the stock Android app, not the Touchwiz app. I love the ROM but a few things have just been bothering me about it. My biggest problem has been sending animated GIFS via MMS with the stock messaging app. Every time I try to send them it just sends a still frame from the GIF. Is there a setting for it I'm not seeing or is stock android messaging really incapable of viewing/sending animated GIFS?

    I tried GOSMS Pro and it sends them animated, but it's horrible at handling group MMS and it's so much slower. I'd prefer to use the stock messaging app if possible.

  2. GTWalling

    GTWalling Well-Known Member

    Is it possible it could be the receiver's phone not running the Gif? What size is the file on your end and then on their end. If the same size it should work unless their phone does not read gif images. Like a PC if you open a gif in a standard photo app it will not run.
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  3. The file size is 355kb, but every time I try to add the gif to MMS it shrinks the file down to 37 kb and only shows one frame. I sent the GIF to myself and I got a still image on both ends.

    I just find it really strange that the stock messaging app can't send animated GIFs. I can receive them just fine, but the stock gallery app can't animate them either. I have to use QuikPic to view them.
  4. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    Have you tried reducing the file size to 37kb yourself and then see if it sends? Even with this site when adding an animated gif as an avatar if the system auto reduces the file to the correct size it'll upload as a still frame. If you reduce it to the correct size first it'll work fine. So it could just be a problem with the compression method used by the stock app.
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  5. I just figured it out. Feel kind of stupid that I didn't think about doing this earlier. :banghead:

    If I go to QuickPic I can open up the GIF and choose the share option. From there I just choose the messaging app then choose the contact and voila. Message gets sent as a GIF.:D

    Thanks everyone for the help.

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