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    The University that I attend has a large campus, right in the middle of a city. This makes it rather difficult to navigate. There is a Google powered map on the website that shows the locations of all the buildings/sidewalks/etc.

    What would be cool is if I could copy all those locations to a "My Maps" map, and bring it up on my phone in maps/navigation. However I can not find any way to either download the map data (KML) or locate the map on Google (I can only view it where it is embedded on the web). I know how to download the KML from a map displayed on the google maps website, but this map is not, nor is it embedded as an iframe (which would make it easy to find the source). With the KML I can create my own map, and it will be good to go.

    So does anyone know how one would download/extract/duplicate the KML? Or is there a simpler way that I am not thinking of.

    For reference:
    Campus Map - The University of Akron

  2. Doit2it

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    I looked at the page source and with my extremely limited knowledge of html and Java I wasn't able to find a location for any KML file. If you really want to, you could contact the Akron.edu website administrator listed on the WhoIs page. But odds are, they will not give any info out to students to protect the integrity of their website.

    It would probably be best to just use the web page on your mobile browser. Make sure you have the browser set to desktop instead of mobile user agent.

    Of course Google Maps already has most if not all of the buildings named, so it wouldn't be too difficult to create your own My Maps for the campus. Once you create the My Maps it's just right clicking on each building, selecting 'What's Here' from the drop down menu, selecting 'Save to Map' on the left side of page, and clicking the 'Save' button to save that building to your map. Just repeat for each building you want.

    I did this for a trip to NYC I took in 2010 and 2011 to list places we might want to see. It worked great. I always knew how many blocks away or what direction to travel to get around mid town and downtown.
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    I figure that the important files were preprocessed to create the map. Nothing of them is actually in the page source. Though it seems like one could reverse it.

    But it probably wouldn't be worth the effort. I think Google should have this sort of thing built into android + the maps system. Finding a google powered map online should prompt you to view it in the maps app, from which you could save it as a custom layer.

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