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  1. depaul81

    depaul81 New Member

    im new to this whole rooting process but from the few of the stuff that i read, it seems to be beneficial so i am going to try to root my Inspire when i get home. maybe a dumb question from a noob so take it easy on me. so when you're phone is rooted and you have you're tethering on does that eat up your data consumption as i don't have unlimited data plan until i switch to T-mobile from ATT. As i mentioned i am new to this whole rooting thing and i just need some more in depth info.

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    the root standard for inspire and desire hd is the AAHK,wich is available here: Advanced Ace Hack Kit | TAU – It's All About The Negative

    make sure you read everything thuroughly on the page and in the effin manual.

    the AAHK will downgrade,s-off,superCID,and simunlock your phone. you can use your att inspre on t mobile,but you will only get edge data :(

    as for your tether questions,im not really suposed to discuss that as a guide,so i cannot help you get it working. but yet,it will eat up your data,just as if you were browsing the internet on your phone itself,so if you dont have unlimited data,make sure you keep an eye on it. :)
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  3. depaul81

    depaul81 New Member

    wow that sales lady never told me that it would only run on edge. she only said that i can use an unlock phone. thanks for the heads up now i really have to get a T-mobile phone now. though i'm still going to root my current phone.
  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    yup,she was partially right,you can use any unlocked phone for voice,text and edge. however,att and t mobile use different frequencies for 2g,3g,and 4g,and the inspire does not have the correct hardware to recieve the 2g,3g,or 4g signal on t mobile. on occasion i myself use an inspire,and a att one XL on my prepay t mobile account. :) the inspire is basically a "made for att" desire HD,and as such has alot of fun roms and such available for it.

    i do not think most folks intend to decieve you when discussing using gsm phones on other networks,they just do not understand that the hardware sometimes is different. back in the days of old school flip phones, voice,text,and 1x(edge) were all there was!

    i would strongly recomend the htc sensation(im an htc fan) for t mobile,its a wonderful phone with lots of development,and will get 4g just fine(if you get a t mobile version). that is what i typically use on my t mobile line.

    edge data sucks,but it IS better than nothing until you get something else. its fast enuff to check email,facebook status,play games that store their data on a server. its comparable to a fast dialup.

    holler if you have any questions on rooting your inspire. :)

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