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Discussion in 'App & Game Announcements' started by RobottCreations, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. RobottCreations

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    Hey all, I'm new here but was looking for an outlet to announce applications. I have just finished up my first Android App and was hoping for some reviews/comments/suggestions. Criticism Encouraged!

    Text Messenger is a simple away message application for your Android phone. There is a full version for $1, and a DEMO version (where you cannot change the default away message) for FREE.

    Give it a try, then give it a Buy!


  2. RobottCreations

    RobottCreations New Member

    EDIT: updated barcodes to go directly to Android Market, rather than through AndroidZoom.

    Just checking in to see if anyone had a chance to review my app, and had any comments/suggestions/criticism?

    To make it easier to find I will post some barcodes (DEMO and Full Version) for the apps.


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  3. RobottCreations

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    I read all the suggestions, and am trying to get them in ASAP.
    Here are some features to hold you over until the next Update.

    New to Version 1.5
    * Custom preset Away Messages
    - Easy interaction via Context Menu
    * Enable/Disable Notifications
    * Text Forwarding (Currently only supports other Phone #s)
    * Minor Cosmetic Fixes

    More Updates Coming Soon!

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  4. RobottCreations

    RobottCreations New Member

    More features have been added to Text Messenger!

    You now have the ability to reply to "Contacts Only", Schedule Away Messages to turn on/off at certain times, and Forward text messages to another cell phone number.

    Check it out!

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