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  1. Cerdwyn

    Cerdwyn New Member

    My droid4 updated this morning. I like some of the features but the new background for texting is physically painful for me to look at. I can hardly read it with the dark and gloomy grey-blue background.

    Is there anyway to change it?

  2. tsahoney

    tsahoney New Member

    agreed! Not only the colors of it, but the text seems larger or something. It's hard to scroll back and find an old message.
    Is your texting locking up and making you stop it? Mine does after about 3 words.
  3. colbyj

    colbyj New Member

    Lost toggles for GPS, Bluetooth and wifi. Had to download apps that are flaky. Couldn't find one for GPS that works. Can't select multiple texts to delete all. Takes extra click to select contact to text. Doesn't give me word suggestions when using kybd. Can't seem to make text font larger. I want to go back to whence I came. :(
  4. tek85

    tek85 Member

    Hey ColbyJ!

    There are a few different ways to use the toggles now. If you go directly into settings, they will be at the top. If you'd like to do it straight from the home screen, I suggest you use the power controls widget that comes on the phone. It takes up a whole row, but it's right there for easy access.

    As for the word suggestions, they only seem to come up in mine if I press in the "Compose Message" area before or while typing. Hope this helps.

    EDIT: As for text size, if you go into Settings > Display > Font Size, you should be able to change it there. There is also an option in Settings > Accessibility > Large Text
  5. colbyj

    colbyj New Member

    Thanks, Tek85! Using the power bar on other page now. Works great! Deleted a couple of apps that I was using. GPS is there, too, so I'm real happy to have found that again. Figured out the font size and did see word suggestions earlier today. Happy again!
  6. tek85

    tek85 Member

    No problem, I'm glad I could help!
    Also, as for selecting multiple texts to delete them (I assume you mean conversations) just long press on one of them, and then just tap the others and press the trash icon when you're done.
  7. rickrabies

    rickrabies Well-Known Member

    i jus downloaded "GO sms" its a whole new sms system. cuz after ics it keeps poping up a silly icon and asking what type of keyboard input i want. and the letters are dark.
  8. ricpdjrr

    ricpdjrr New Member

    Colby, do you mean there is a toggle for the GPS on the power bar??
  9. RideZeLitenin

    RideZeLitenin Well-Known Member

    GO SMS ftw, theme the hell outta it
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