That awkward moment when a tablet is so generic it doesn't even know what it is.

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  1. NerdasaurusRex

    NerdasaurusRex Active Member

    Board: nuclear
    Product: nuclear_evb
    Model: M805
    Device: nuclear-evb
    Build: 08V1-P1-H1-H02-BT40.20120814
    Manufacturer: unknown
    Brand: Ployer
    CPU ABI: armeabi-v7a
    Linux version 3.0.8+ (inet_wzh@inetsuperserver) (gcc version 4.5.1 (Sourcery G++ Lite 2010.09-50) ) #3 PREEMPT Wed Jul 25 23:20:12 CST 2012

    Ripped from setCPU.

    I'm dying from laughter and I don't know why haha.

  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    Well it was made in China by:

    Shenzhen Ployer Electronics Co., Ltd.
    Address: Building 8, Yusheng Industrial Park, No.467 of 107 National Road, Gushu, Xixiang Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China, 518102.
    Telephone: 0755-82660733
    Shenzhen Ployer Electronics Co.,Ltd

    BTW just about all Chinese Android devices come from Shenzhen, many of them so generic that they don't even have a brand name.

    Are you happy with your China pad? :)
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  3. NerdasaurusRex

    NerdasaurusRex Active Member

    After putting launcher pro on it, setCPU, and removing bloatware, yeah I am happy with it, I just wish I knew how to upgrade the ram on it ._. do you have the info on how to take it apart in your beautiful head of amazing facts? haha. <3
  4. NerdasaurusRex

    NerdasaurusRex Active Member

    [​IMG]Never mind. :x
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  5. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    It was glued, wasn't it? Just a circuit board, a few chips and a battery. Were you disappointed or was that what you were expecting? ;) BTW now that you've taken the back off, do you have any plans for it, maybe some hacking, electronics project or something, or just curious to see what was inside?

    Thing is many of these generic Chinese devices are very similar, because they're often based on a chip-manufacturer's reference designs, like MediaTek. That's what many of the Shenzhen tech shops do, they just grab a reference design, cobble together a version of Android from the source-code, throw it all together in a sweat-shop from B or C grade components, often with minimal or no QA at all.

    I was playing with a cheap 7inch 4.0 tablet yesterday at one of the local shops, Didn't have any brand name or numbers at all. Just had "MID" and "Made in China" :rolleyes: on the casing. It was awful, had really bad lag, touch screen was very unresponsive. I've got an Ampe A76 4.0 device, that's not brilliant, the wifi is crappy, battery life is not too good at about 3 hours, doesn't work with Huawei 3G USB modems even though it's supposed to. Although it has Google Play and the other Google goodies, which is rather unusual for one of these things.

    On the other hand I've got a Lenovo ICS 4.0 phone, that I think is great. Works really well and is solid and robust. But then Lenovo is a famous reputable manufacturer, that shouldn't be making rubbish and has good QA. Their ThinkPad laptops are very well regarded.

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