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The application Settings (process com.android.settings) has stopped unexpectedly.Support

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  1. smoker91

    smoker91 New Member

    hey guys ,
    Wazzup !!

    I got this annoying problem on my new Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801 mobile.
    When i go to the desktop screen & hold tap so that i can get the option of "add widget" & many more., then which i click on "add widget" it shows the this problem or Error . "The application Settings (process com.android.settings) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. " .

    I have search on google but couldn't found something that would help.
    i have Uninstall all my application & still getting the same problem.

    Please help me ..... :(:confused:

  2. red58

    red58 Member

    i am having exactly same prob since sunday(yesterday)i too have not found any help online either with samsung or google
  3. skivit

    skivit Well-Known Member

    red58 likes this.
  4. red58

    red58 Member

    THANK YOU SO MUCH skivit it worked a treat
  5. skivit

    skivit Well-Known Member

    like i said, dont thank me, i was in the same boat, sabouras helped me with it! :eek:)

    (will accept large gifts of money etc though :) )
  6. niro1979

    niro1979 New Member

    hello skivit,
    i try to follow your instruction , but when i type on map in manage app i got the error message above. at a moment the only way i can delete app its by press on it and delete it. but as maps is rooted its not work for me. i got the message above while i am trying to move app from mobile to SD card or if i am trying to delete data from App Manger
    any solution?

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