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  1. Agl1431

    Agl1431 Member

    I'm debating between: Zagg, Steinbeil Ultra Crystal Clear, or PhantomSkinz.

  2. queenrocks77

    queenrocks77 Well-Known Member

    The steinbeil protectors are supposed to be really good. I bought the Droidx protectors at the. Verizon store for $15 and it works pretty good for me. They come in a 3 pack.
  3. Martimus

    Martimus One bite at a time... Moderator

    I have the Steinheil anti-fingerprint protector on my phone... It rocks! :D
  4. AshG

    AshG Well-Known Member

    You might want to check out this link for some in-depth thoughts on your choices: Three-way shootout: Best Skins Ever, Skinomi Techskin, and Steinheil Ultra Crystal

    I'm considering posting a follow-up to the review. After a month and a half, I'm noticing some microfine scratches on my Steinheil when viewed in certain angles and bright light. It's very slight, but noticeable. I think I may end up going back to the Skinomi Techskin as it is a self-healing product.

    I am not a ZAGG fan; it's a more expensive version of the BSE skin and simply doesn't warrant the high price IMHO. I'm not familiar with PhantomSkinz and can't speak to that product.

    Another variant product I'm considering trying is the Wrapsol protector. It looks like a nice compromise between the clarity of a Steinheil and malleability of a Skinomi. Self-healing plus crystal clarity is a great combo.
  5. queenrocks77

    queenrocks77 Well-Known Member

    Don't the anti-fp make the screen hard to see outdoors? I heard they do.
  6. eraursls1984

    eraursls1984 Well-Known Member

    A little, they are also a matte finish and take away from the sharp colors and images. If your willing to compromise, they are much easier to keep clean. I plan to go to a crystal clear protector for the image quality
  7. queenrocks77

    queenrocks77 Well-Known Member

    I have those on my Amazon wish list. I have the VW ones on the phone now, but in gonna use those up before I spend $20 on the crystal clears.
  8. Phone Gnome

    Phone Gnome Well-Known Member

    The Steinheil ultra crystal screen protectors are by far the best I've used. ($14 shipped on Ebay)
    IMO better then phantom skinz and much clearer then verizon's. It is true that it provides little to no finger print or anti-glare protection but it makes up for it in clarity.
    In fact at the Verizon store the sales person couldn't tell it was there. When I pointed it out he ask me if it was the kind that over time becomes part of the screen.
  9. Agl1431

    Agl1431 Member

    I'm sorry but the VZW protectors just suck.
  10. DROID_nation

    DROID_nation Member

    I just ordered a Steinheil ultra crystal screen protector off Amazon($16). Did plenty of reading on it and had to go with what reviewers considered the best.
  11. trophynuts

    trophynuts Well-Known Member

    i agree the VZW screen protectors suck. They darken the screen way too much and they don't even cover all of the glass. I was so pissed on launch day when i got out to my car and put one on.

    I have the Steinheil Anti FP. It does take away from the clarity and it definitely makes it hard to see outdoors. So much in fact that i'm over it and ready to order the crystal clear ones...
  12. TNTPW

    TNTPW Member

    I have the phantomskinz and love them. They are lifetime warranty like the zaggs but are only $10 for 2 protectors. You can google coupons for them and I got mine for less than $7 and free shipping. They are also self healing.
  13. Leftyguy

    Leftyguy Well-Known Member

    I am a big fan of the Sreinheil Ultra Crystal Clear. Great clarity & protection. I have had the same one on since the DX came out. You do see some prints on the surface depending on how greasy your fingers are but a quick wipe with a Micro fiber cloth & gone. I agree Verizons suck.
  14. Yeah I don't like the matte finish but all these seem so expensive and I'm terrible at putting them on.
  15. twister6

    twister6 Guides Guide

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  16. jbhumph

    jbhumph Well-Known Member

    I have the Phantom Skinz protectors and really like them. I got the black Chromatics skinz as well and used a discount code that included 2 free screen protectors. All of it cost 20 bucks.
  17. zane!

    zane! Well-Known Member

    I've been running the VZW anti glare protectors since launch day and I agree that they suck...
  18. ctxx24

    ctxx24 Well-Known Member

    I just got a 3 pack from ebay also...3 bucks shipped and they are no different then my Steinheil ultra crystal I had on my increadible...
  19. BabyDoc

    BabyDoc Well-Known Member

    Why get screen protectors at all? I keep my Droid x in a holster with the screen facing inward. That's the best protection of all. Now if the screen does get a scratch, say from my finger nails, I can always use some plastic polish on it to remove the scratches. So far, there haven't been any.

    Any screen protector I have seen doesn't compare to the naked screen. In most cases you can see the protector and it takes something away from the sharp clear images you otherwise see with the naked screen.
  20. ctxx24

    ctxx24 Well-Known Member

    Wait till u get a scratch that wont come off...not worth it
  21. Lynseyw

    Lynseyw Active Member

    I have tried a lot. Best one I found is seidio. Can't even tell it's on. Crystal clear and no tackiness.
  22. Outlaw71

    Outlaw71 Well-Known Member

    When I bought my Seidio case last Friday I tried to purchase a Steinheil Crystal Clear screen projector, but they were out of stock and the information on it said they didn't know when they would have more. That bummed me out because I've heard so many good things about them on here. So I ended up getting the Skinomi after ding some research into the ones they did have available and reading that the Skinomi were self-healing. That sounded pretty cool to me.
  23. LogicX

    LogicX Member

    I got the same protectors. I used the invisible shield and hated the way it felt. Swyping and general smooth scrolling with finger were really affected. I like these protectors alot.

    The scrolling is virtually the same as on the bare screen and feels like original screen. The only downsides are glare (as they are not anti-glare) and fingerprints. But for three bucks, can't beat em!
  24. firetruck41

    firetruck41 Well-Known Member

    The screen isn't plastic, so I doubt that plastic polish will do much for you.

    The SGP looks the same as the stock screen to me. There are differences in screen protectors though, and there are some that will make the screen look worse.
  25. twilightx

    twilightx New Member

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned Martin Fields or Clarivue...I haven't gotten one yet myself, but for other phones in the past these were my go-to brands...

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