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    Well, with a name like The Grid, it makes me think of Tron. And anything that reminds me of Tron can't be that bad, can it?
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    The New Grid Is Here And It's Spectacular!

    The Old Grid is gone! A brand New Grid has arrived and its shiny! Featuring dozens of commands, new rule twists, and a clean, sharp look and feel, you will begin to feel the sheer awesomeness right away! For those who enjoy typing commands into a DOS Prompt, or viewing a graphical representation of a database, the New Grid will accommodate you and will always strive to put the 'geek' first! What are you waiting for? When The Grid sirens call... you must answer!

    Description: It's a unique MUD-style strategy browser game that single-player adventurers and friends can play together against other online adversaries.

    The Grid: The Grid - A Text-Based Multi-Player Online Strategy Game


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