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The How-To Guide to 2.2 on Rogers I896(Captivate)Tips

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  1. LimaI896

    LimaI896 Active Member

    Hey guys I decided to just finally write out a guide that has worked for me on 3 different captivates all purchased at much different times. Mine was a day release model while 1 buddy was a month after me and the other 3 weeks ago, I will be upgrading a forth that was purchased 2 weeks ago this week. People have stated their issues may be because of either having Win7/vista/XP. So far the method I have read/discovered and added works for both Win7(64bit) & WinXP(?bit lol).

    Here is the step by step guide:
    1. If you have Samsung Kies please Uninstall it and delete the folder if it still exists. (Ignore step if you don't have)
    2. If you have bittorent/utorrent, please click on this link: isoHunt ? the BitTorrent & P2P search engine and search for Samsung kies 1.53. It should be the only 1.53 download avaiable.
    3. While it downloads you can take this time to go to settings, then applications, then USB and set it to kies(firmwareupgrade). Also if you use another launcher please switch it back to TW_launcher as Kies wont find your device.
    4. Once download is complete, please install it.
    5. Once installed, connect your phone via USB. Wait for kies to find and connect the device. You should see on the right on kies saying "connecting" once connect it should show the model it is as well your phone number. May take a while for it to connect. Ignore that it says on your phone that it is connected.
    6. Once connected click the Upgrade firmware button on kies. (It may even prompt you that there's an upgrade as it did for me on my buddies Captivate)
    7. When you click upgrade firmware let it save your contacts n just choose the defaulted options it has. You should be at the download screen now, let it download.
    8. Once download is complete it will show on screen that it is, "updating your device, do not disconnect usb blah blah blah" You will ignore that and power off your device.
    9. Once powered off disconnect your usb
    10. Hold the volume up/down buttons for 5 seconds and while holding reconnect your usb and wait till the black/yellow android with a shovel shows up one your phone.
    11. Let go of the buttons now n put your phone down, grab a beer enjoy and let the update process as you can tell kies is showing the update is going and weird stuff being shown on your phone.
    12. DO NOT TOUCH your phone till it is totally loaded even if kies says its done, you'll see on your phone it uploading your media card extra. Once you phone is back on its normal lock screen and the media card is loaded you can play with it.
    13. It will run you through a little turtorial.
    14. Go to settings/about phone, scroll down n put a smile on as the froyo that didnt live up to its hype is now on your device congrats!


    After your done playing around and you reconnect your phone to the computer for any reasons like putting music on, you may get some error messages. You probably just need to reinstall the drivers which is really easy. Open kies, plug in your usb and click kies(firmwareupgrade) again so you can connect to kies. Once connected press the kies button at the top left and reinstall drivers. May take a couple trys as my phone was stuborn with it yet my friends was hassle free but it will work.

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  2. iffrett

    iffrett Well-Known Member

    can I do this if I have a stock i897 on the rogers network?
  3. LimaI896

    LimaI896 Active Member

    I wouldnt know, but I dont see how trying could hurt as kies would probably just not allow it. If it does/doesnt let us know so others can know.
  4. gteh

    gteh Member

    Anyone know how to change the baseband on my phone to I896? I have an I897 from AT&T and have installed the leaked 2.2 but I am in Canada and want the official Rogers 2.2 but Kies won't let me install it obviously.
  5. iffrett

    iffrett Well-Known Member

    It would be fabulous if somebody helped as I'm in the same boat but with stock 2.1 instead
  6. 12z21

    12z21 New Member

    Is there any update about how to bring the AT&T licked captivate to Rogers 2.2?


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