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  1. Ubercharrge

    Ubercharrge Well-Known Member

    Why does the gamma of this phone seem so high? Is it a setting by ZTE or an LCD bug? It's so bright and it kills your eyes slowly. :(

  2. mkopisz

    mkopisz Member

    have you tried turning down the brightness in system settings?
  3. Ubercharrge

    Ubercharrge Well-Known Member

    no, i dont own this phone, but i've seen videos side to side with other phones and its really really high.

    ZTE Avid 4g VS. Samsung Galaxy s3 Metro pcs - YouTube @:40 compare it to the S3. it has no color at all. i just wanna know if it's a bug from the phone or something
  4. mkopisz

    mkopisz Member

    Yeahh...i did see did notice in running benchmarking software...the graphics suck...the S3 has (in my opinion the best graphics out)...but in day to day use and moderate gaming the graphics on the avid are great(i think its jus a benchmark bug)...for the price of the avid.... you cant beat it...@150. with a 50$ rebate(100$)...compared to 499 for the s3...and you get damn near the same performance...(specially after root)
  5. twogbsd

    twogbsd Well-Known Member

    You can beat it :p LG Motion 4G for $100 with $50 MIR for a total of $50 :p And it has a better quality screen than the Avid ;)

    But in all seriousness, the Avid, Motion, and Spirit are big competition for the S3 ;)

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