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  1. jnh4ever

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    Oct 21, 2012
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    I used your guide to install Cyanogenmod 7 on my Optimus T LG P509. I got it to run ok, with one minor problem. It doesn't seem to be reading my simm card to connect to the service (T-Mobile). Did I maybe miss a step in the process, or can it just be acting quirky?


  2. Petrah

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    Jun 13, 2011
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    It could be a number of things (bad flash, bad sim, wrong APN settings etc.) I'll see about getting your post in the right place so that you can get some assistance with this. :)
  3. Doctorjazz

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    Feb 27, 2010
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    Hi-figured I'd try here to see if someone can help me with my problem. I upgraded from an original Droid to the Razr Maxx, and copied my old card onto a new, 32gb card when I installed it. I seem to have inadvertantly created a partition, with a small section labeled "SD card", and a larger one "ext-SD card". The one labeled SD is the one the phone assumes is the "real" SD, so downloads and moves apps there. It only has 8gb, which have filled and now I can't download apps/media/upgrade, etc. I have titanium pro, have rooted the phone, but still on stock Razr ROM. I'm not sure how to use Titanium for this...purchased a Sandisk 64gb card, which I've read can work and is marketed as compatable with android. Can I change cards and somehow repopulate it properly with Titanium (and how)? Should I reformat old 32gb card, then use Titanium to repopulate without a partition (and how). Is there another, better way to do this?
    Thanks, hope someone can help.

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