"Track" other phones with Dare?

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    HOTHEAD Well-Known Member

    Is there a way to track my kids phones with an app on my Droid? :confused:

    It would be nice to be able to know where they are in case of emergency only... BTW they have a LG Dare & a LG Chocolate touch, both on Verizon.



  2. Lock-N-Load

    Lock-N-Load Well-Known Member

    isn't that exactly what you could use Google Latitude for

    Google Latitude

    this assumes they have that GM ability in their phones like we do as I do not know those phones
  3. Spike760

    Spike760 Well-Known Member

    Like the location of the phone or what they're doing on their phones?
    Isn't there something from Verizon (a service you pay for) that shows where their phones are. There's commercials for it all the time. The lady in the commercial is using a Droid too.
  4. tmette

    tmette Well-Known Member

  5. Inphosys

    Inphosys Well-Known Member

    Give Verizon a call and tell them you want to add "Chaperone" to your kids' cell phones. They'll walk you through it. Chaperone and Family Locator are both supported on the Touch and Chocolate.

    I think you want the Chaperone service instead because that one cannot be deactivated. Only by turning off the phone can you lose the signal to that one. Family Locator can log out of the service, thus ditching your ability to keep a watchful eye on your children.

    I haven't used either service, personally ... but I've seen the demos on them a dozen times. I have no doubt that I will be using them when my kids grow up!!

    Good luck!!
  6. MorganSmith

    MorganSmith New Member

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