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trouble playing my own music files (And mSpot) on 2.2

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  1. ralphtrent

    ralphtrent Well-Known Member

    first the M4A file issues:
    Since i have been upgraded to 2.2, I can no longer play m4a files NOR files imported into iTunes from my own cd and then put on my phone. I get an error saying, this file type is not supported.

    Obviously the error is self describing by why did Android stop supporting these file. What am I supposed to do now?

    if these files are DRM free why would Android have a problem playing them. do they want to push their own music service. If so, thats fine, but thats not even out yet.

    Most of my searches on this topic come up unanswered.

    ALSO, when I go to play a song in mSpot, it starts to download and then it says "There was an error during song playback" I can play the song on the mspot website, but not through the app.

    Anyone else a little peeved by this update for these reasons?


  2. blackmagi

    blackmagi Member

    I've had the same issue with the stock music app telling me the files were not supported after I was just listening to the same songs an hour ago. Are you running stock? I'm running Sapphire 1.0 so I'm not sure if that's part of the issue. Nonetheless a simple restart and the files were good to go again :) Try it out and let me know if it works for you.
    As for mSpot I can't give you any insight into that because I've never heard of it :p
  3. Droidysseus

    Droidysseus Member

  4. ralphtrent

    ralphtrent Well-Known Member

    OK Thanks, Ill give there start a try. I am considering rooting just so I can get the wifi teathering for my upcoming vaca. It would rather my son use my ipod touch to look at youtube then my phone.

    as far as mspot goes. Its an music storage cloud that lets you play your music on your android device using the app, or you can listen on their website. It's great... when it works.

  5. ralphtrent

    ralphtrent Well-Known Member

    HOLY CRAP, RESTARTING MY PHONE (which I have obviously done since I got 2.2 last week) fixes the issue. WTF?
  6. blackmagi

    blackmagi Member

    Okay, well obviously I missed some important pieces from the beginning of your post thus I wasn't under the impression that you were having issues the entire time. No need to be a douche about it.
  7. ralphtrent

    ralphtrent Well-Known Member

    NO I was being totally serious. I was capitlizing it because I was shocked and happy. not being a douch. I was saying WTF because I saying WTF about it in general how it worked, then stopped for no reason and then work again witha simple reboot. I was very appreciative of your post

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