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  1. skizzik183

    skizzik183 New Member

    I have a Verizon Galaxy Note 2 and I just noticed a problem. None of the voice inputs are working. The talk to text isn't working or the google voice search. Mostly I am wanting the talk to text back. When I press the microphone button (which is only showing up when I select the handwriting input) it hilites like it's selected but nothing happens at all. Are there settings somewhere I can't find or some app that may be disabled? I am not rooted on this phone. Thanks for any help...

  2. skizzik183

    skizzik183 New Member

    NVM...anyone that was going to reply thanks...I just did a factory reset and fixed the problem. Not sure what happened.
  3. Eyepaint

    Eyepaint New Member

    There is a known problem with the note that when you have bluetooth on it messes with the voice input. I have to turn BT off when im using voice. Just something too keep in mind.
  4. nsa_sailor

    nsa_sailor Well-Known Member

    Mine doesn't work either with my bluetooth hearing aid device nor the bluetooth mirror in the car.
  5. ijhutch

    ijhutch Member

    Here we go...bluetooth causes an interference with Voice commands, notably on Google Voice, speech-to-text (like text messaging), or S-Voice. This is clearly a bug.

    My setup: T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 2 running Android 4.1.1 (JellyBean), Bluetooth headset RF-MAB2 (supports HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCR, and Bluetooth 2.1)

    There are two known workarounds for these bugs:

    1. Hit the volume up or down button (only one click needed) on the phone (not from the bluetooth headset). Yes, it should be totally un-necessary, but it does work--magically, the microphone will pulse again with life and the Note 2 will take input from your bluetooth. This works for Speech-to-Text, Google Voice, and S-Voice. Kudos to Renthorin in this thread.

    2. Activate Touch Sounds (Settings->Device->Sound->System->Touch sounds). This adds a(n annoying) "beep" when making any selection on a screen. This only works for Google Voice (headset fully enabled). For me, it does not fix the other two issues. Credit to topshelf95 in this thread

    Please visit:, register, and STAR the issue. It is currently about 140th on the list of most squawked items (234 stars). If we can get more people to star it, it will move up the ranks and hopefully get fixed sooner than later.


    * ijhutch *
    Original thread of mine that went unanswered with lots of screenshots

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