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  1. Smokey Joe

    Smokey Joe Well-Known Member

    I haven't been able to find how to turn off the 4G LTE and just use 3G... That way when I'm not in a 4G area, it isn't constantly searching for 4G and draining my battery. Does anyone know where I can do this on GS4?


  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Settings > More networks > Mobile networks > Network mode
  3. Smokey Joe

    Smokey Joe Well-Known Member

    It doesn't give an option for just CDMA(3G)... only gives options for -Global, -LTE/CDMA, AND -GSM/UMTS(what is this?)
  4. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

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  5. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    FWIW, my T-Mo (USA) GS4 allows me to disable LTE (thankfully, given that signal is spotty in DC...but solid at home close to Baltimore). However I checked At&t's "GS4 Active", there is no option to disable...I did not check the standard version as I was looking at the active for my at&t account.
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