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  1. chrissycc

    chrissycc New Member


    I'm new to android, and loving it. I'm after a twitter app, that specifically has a widget that can display a list, rather than just the main timeline. I've tried lots of the popular apps but haven't managed to find anything that ticks that box.

    Any ideas?


  2. chrissycc

    chrissycc New Member

    Responding to my own post - just in case anyone had the same requirement!

    Well, after reading a bit about Twidroyd and getting the freebie to open up directly to my desired twitter list, I went for it and paid out for the pro version. Unfortunately, while the app opens to the list, the widget doesn't :(

    Anyone have any ideas - I've got 24 hours (22 1/2 now) to get a refund if not!
  3. nik3t

    nik3t Member

    Looking for something exactly like this. Have tried a few but nothing close to it yet
  4. mentus

    mentus New Member

    i am also looking for a possibility to display a list in the twitter widget. Please let me know if You discover something.
  5. jonwlewis

    jonwlewis Well-Known Member

    Tweetdeck. It is free in the market. You can enter in your Twitter Accounts, Facebook Accounts, and then show which columns that you want to see. I have been using it since beta version and love it.
  6. mentus

    mentus New Member

    Thanks, that is exactly what i was looking for. And much more...
  7. ngrevas

    ngrevas New Member

    Hey, found that widget, and it is really, really fat. Is there a way to either slim this one down, or find one that's easy to scroll through, or make this one easier to go to the next tweet, and NOT take up half the space on the screen. Sorry for my tone, I've been dying for an app like this. It's a pretty simple concept and the one that I found is chock full of derp.=P

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