Unable to make/receive calls when GPS navigation is on?Support

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  1. ivovelinov

    ivovelinov New Member

    Hi All,

    Does any body have this problem?

    When I use my Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket (AT&T) with navigation/GPS on, it loses reception and data and I can not make or receive calls, the bars and 4g logo disappear and in order to fix the problem I have to reboot the phone or sometimes helps if I just turn the GPS off.

    I've done master restor, SIM replacement, all kind of tech support from AT&T but nothing helps.

    If any one has a idea or solution please share with me.
    Thank You

  2. badass750

    badass750 Member

    I believe this has happened to me as well when I am in navagation mode I don't receive calls however as soon as I turn the navigation off I start getting calls again.

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