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  1. dougrb

    dougrb Well-Known Member

    Hey all. So I received my Nexux 4 last week, and aside from some silly quirky interface issues that bug me, it seems a decent phone more or less. Dig the UI and I'm using a pre paid T-Mo plan, getting fairly consistent dl speeds of 14/15mbps.

    One issue *well, outside of the craptastic battery life* that keeps popping up though, and at a fairly consistent interval is a message saying "Unfortunately Gmail Has Stopped". It happens out of nowhere, during very random times and when using various other stock apps. I haven't installed anything much, aside from some camera apps, (pudding, little photo and snapseed) audio (tune in radio, audiogalaxy) and the obvious stuff like Facebook, Dropbox, hulu, Netflix.. Oh, and Dolphin Browser. But honestly, I haven't even really used most of them at this point. Been too busy to even mess with the phone that much since getting it.

    Is this a known thing on the N4, or is it across the board? I'm just surprised that there are such issues on a "pure" Google phone.



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