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Uninstall Google Play Updates?

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  1. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Well-Known Member

    Google Play seems to keep updating itself and is eating my internal storage...what happens if I go into Applications manager and actually Uninstall Updates? Just wondering repurcussions...which version of Play would I end up with? I currently show 3.5.19.


  2. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Not sure what version you would end up with, but it would only re-update itself. It's extremely annoying.
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  3. Darkencypher

    Darkencypher Well-Known Member

    It'll do exactly as it says. It uninstalls all play updates and makes it go back to android market. Remember, it will update again.
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  4. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Wait, you're using link2sd. Why are you running out of space?
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  5. asadullah

    asadullah Well-Known Member

    I used es file explorer granted it root then went into system/app and changed all permissions on market updater to none. Then uninstalled all market updates. After a reboot I've got the older market and it won't update anymore. ;)
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  6. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Well-Known Member

    I don't know, that's the mystery, LOL. Market isn't linked and seems to update a lot.
  7. riggerman1

    riggerman1 Well-Known Member

    Sushi, you can use link2sd to convert the Play Store updates to system files, that's what I do. Open link2sd, click on the Play Store, select actions then convert to system app. After you are done, reboot your phone. You can do this with any system that happens to update.
  8. MacFett

    MacFett Well-Known Member

    I'd be careful with moving the play store around with link2sd. I messed with it on my stock rom and now can not get it working again.
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  9. Phatninja55

    Phatninja55 Well-Known Member

    I froze the updater app, but now I want to update it and cant get it to lol.
  10. riggerman1

    riggerman1 Well-Known Member

    I've used link2sd to move updates of system apps to system memory. I haven't had a problem with them yet. Just remember to reboot immediately after, before doing anything else. I've been doing this since the option became available a few months ago. I tried using the same option in Root Toolbox and had problems with it, but not with link2sd.
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  11. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Well-Known Member

    So I'm wondering if it went wrong for any reason, would the process be reversible?
  12. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Well-Known Member

    Ok, now I really want to stop this app, b/c yesterday it updated and now is 9mg large...it took my internal storage from 152mg to 146mg. I did the uninstall updates but it just updated again. I'm up for trying the link2sd fix if it would work...
  13. riggerman1

    riggerman1 Well-Known Member

    I use link2sd to convert all playstore updates to the system. I haven't had a problem with it yet.
  14. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Well-Known Member

    Ok, I'm a techno idiot and don't intuit these apps well... Will it be self evident what I need to do in link2sd? Thanks!
  15. riggerman1

    riggerman1 Well-Known Member

    Open link2sd, scroll down to the playstore update (it should say update), long press on it, select convert to system app. I always reboot afterwards just to be on the safe side.
  16. CuriousNoob

    CuriousNoob Well-Known Member

    In the screenshot below, the right side is ddata/app


    There you would find the latest market. Copy that to your sd card, then uninstall rhe update through settings.

    Next, copy and paste it into system/apl and make the permissions 644

    x x

    Or to spare you the time, I can share you my personal gappa. I update it with latest marmet and google search. :p
  17. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Well-Known Member

    Well, when I go into my link2sd, I have Google Play and I have my old Market Updater (frozen with TiBu, which is obviously irrelevant). I don't see any app just Updater. Thoughts? Thanks much!
  18. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Well-Known Member

    That is really nice of you, thanks for the offer! I'm just out of my depth here enough that I'm lost in your explanation...sorry! If I can't get the link2sd option to work, I'll be back asking you to translate, LOL. Thx!
  19. riggerman1

    riggerman1 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like your looking in system apps. Click on the little funnel looking symbol at the top right and select user apps. If you have an update to the play store, it will be here. Then long press on it, scroll down to convert to system and select it. After it finishes, make sure you reboot to avoid problems with it force closing.
  20. Andima

    Andima Well-Known Member

    Use Link2SD and integrate updates into system. Then new version goes to "/system/app" folder. No extra app.
  21. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Well-Known Member

    I looked in user apps and still only see Google Play. It says Updated in a different color, so the listing for that app reads "Google Play Updated." I don't have a separate updater app.
  22. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Well-Known Member

    Sorry to be dense...are you saying something different than riggerman?
  23. riggerman1

    riggerman1 Well-Known Member

    That's the one you're looking for. Any system apps that get an update will show up on your user apps list the same way. Just follow the instructions I posted above to move it to the system partition.
  24. sushifor5

    sushifor5 Well-Known Member

    Ok, sorry, I was off earlier...the user app says Google Play Store "Updated" ... So that is the correct one?

    Ok, next question...should I uninstall updates first to revert to the smaller size Play? Then, before it updates itself, do the link2sd trick?

  25. riggerman1

    riggerman1 Well-Known Member

    No, move the play store update to the system partition. Link2sd will automagically replace the old version with the new update. It is just like updating a user app, the new version replaces the old version. If you uninstall the update, you won't have anything to move, and it will just update again.
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